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5 Essential Apps for the Travel-Savvy South African

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Traveling can be an enriching, yet overwhelming experience; there are language barriers, different forms of transport and it is never cheap! Luckily, the evolution of technology has allowed us the opportunity to travel further, without experiencing the stressors that accompany unfamiliar places. Essential Apps to Use Whilst Traveling Travel apps are a great companion on the road, so it is important that you know the best traveller apps for South Africans. Here are the most beneficial apps for you to make use of on your next holiday abroad (or around South Africa):

1. Hopper

Plane tickets are one of, if not the most, expensive part of anyone’s international holiday. Hopper is an advanced travel booking app which assists you in booking your flights for your adventures. Hopper offers you an efficient way of booking your flights, by helping you save money for your ticket. It can be frustrating to book your tickets months before your departure, only to see them significantly cheaper further down the line- Hopper ensures that this will not happen. Hopper users simply submit their travel plans and the app will give them the best time of year to book their flight for the cheapest possible rate.

2. Duolingo – Language App

Before setting off on your next adventure, it is always a nice gesture and show of respect to try and learn some of the local’s language. Nobody is expecting you to be fluent in their language, however, effort is appreciated. Duolingo teaches the user their desired language in an entertaining, game-like manner. The app is simple to use and ensures that the user is hooked on the language they wish to learn. Most major languages are available to learn, such as Spanish, Russian, French, German and many more.

3. Uber

Uber is a popular app internationally amongst people. Uber is a taxi app that removes the daunting task of facing the overwhelming confusion of public transport and prevents scamming from taxi drivers who do not have a meter in their cab. Not only is it generally cheaper than a regular local taxi, they are also more efficient. Uber is also fixed price removing the question of “how much do I pay?” also you can link Uber to your credit card removing the need of cash.

4. Culture Trip App

Culture Trip is a useful app for any traveller that is seeking a more culturally rich experience or the main tourist attractions of the area while abroad. This app gives users access to hyper-local information and a wide range of recommendations wherever you are in the world!

5. Citymapper

For those travellers that are brave enough to tackle the confusion and uncertainty of public transport systems, then Citymapper will be your best friend. Citymapper is aimed assist commuters and is filled only with the best advice for your travels. This useful app gives you all the available options of travel to get around the city you are In, from car sharing and trains, to busses and boats. This app helps you explore all the options necessary for city travel.

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Now that you know the top apps to help you successfully navigate yourself around a new city, it is time to book your ticket and go and explore. Contact Harvey World Travel today for assistance in booking the experience of a lifetime!