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Harvey World has been a flurry of activity over the last few weeks, dealing with the unforeseen challenges that have accompanied coronavirus. Whilst many people’s daily routines have been disrupted and forced to temporarily adapt to these changes, international lockdowns have affected millions of people’s travel plans.

Why You Need a Travel Agent to Book Your Holiday

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is always best to seek the help of a travel agent when making costly travel arrangements. While you may believe the misconception that you are saving money by doing your own booking, there are several noteworthy reasons to book with a travel agent. Before you book your post-quarantine holiday, take some time to read up on the reasons why you should make your reservations with a travel agent, covered in this blog.

1. Their Extensive Knowledge

Booking with a travel agent can save you plenty of time in the planning process. You probably have a vague idea, or detailed vision, on what you want your next holiday to be like. As a travel agent, it is their job to know the best destinations to visit, locations to avoid, ideal travel times and all the additional extras the average person doesn’t think about. You can rest assured that your trip will be so much more than you could have imagined, simply due to your travel agent’s knowledge of the industry.

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2. Have Back-up in Emergencies

If you are in a foreign country amidst a natural disaster, your flight gets cancelled prior to departure or someone in your party gets seriously ill or injured, you may be clueless on where to even begin or who to contact. Travel agents are specially trained to deal with unforeseen situations. If you booked your trip through a travel agent, leave it to them to fight with airlines, make alternate travel arrangements and contact insurance companies. Our travel agents have been working around the clock getting South African citizen’s home during the coronavirus pandemic- ensure you have someone clued up on travel routes and regulations to reduce your stress.

3. Save Money or Increase Value

Travel agents have access to some epic holiday deals. From flights to hotels, it is no secret that travel agent can set you up with prices you would never find online and what they can’t save you in money, they make up for in value. Secure unbelievable ‘all-inclusive’ deals at a slightly higher, if not the same, price as the standard hotel room you booked online.

4. You Save Time

When planning your own trip, you need to not only book the flights, research and select a hotel, you also need to plan an itinerary. This can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. Travel Agents are, typically, well-travelled individuals who have a broad understanding of a variety of destinations. Sit down with one and discuss what you are wanting and leave them to come up with a variety of (condensed) options for you to peruse.

5. Travel Agents Have Connections

It is no secret that travel agents have connections all over the globe. From many years and thousands of bookings, it is natural for travel agencies and resorts/tour companies to form relationships. Travel agents have connections who can secure reservations that you would not have been able to get online, for example, during busy seasons and events, such as the Olympics, some hotels keep emergency rooms. You will have a hard time securing these rooms yourself, travel agents with connections often get priority.

Book Your Holiday with Harvey World Travel Today

Booking a trip can be a stressful and time-consuming task without having to worry about unforeseen changes. Stay on the safe side by partnering with Harvey Travel World and enjoy the planning process. Get the best deals, advice and holiday experience with the help of one of our expert travel agents. Call us today and begin the enjoyable, stress-free process of planning the holiday of a lifetime.

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