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Thailand has become a popular travel destination amongst South Africans – for valid reasons. So many affordable packages are available to travellers wanting to visit Thailand. To celebrate this, Harvey Travel World Highway has gathered 5 reasons to travel to Thailand and why the country should be on your list for 2020!

5 Reasons to Travel to Thailand

Warning: you’re going to want to add Thailand to your 2020 travel list (or at least to your travel bucket list) after reading this article! Whether you are going on honeymoon, to enjoy the party scene or on a family holiday, there is something in Thailand that will suit your needs. Keep reading the blog to discover 5 reasons why you need to travel to Thailand.

Reason #1: Thailand is Known for its Unique Culture

The culture found in Asia is so unique and Thailand is no exception. From the different foods and ancient temples to the millions of scooters you will navigate yourself through, the culture in Thailand is a firm favourite amongst the thousands of tourists that flock to the country each year.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle in the city centres, lose yourself in the vibrant colours, their patriotism symbolled by their flag and their religious beliefs shown through various statues placed outside their homes and businesses. The country is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, so be prepared to be welcomed by plenty of Thai hospitality.

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Reason #2: Thailand has Incredible Beaches

Regardless of who you are with and what has brought you to Thailand, you have to visit at least one of their world-class beaches. Spend a few lazy days on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoy some cheap Thai beer and fresh fruit! Pa Tong beach is one of the most popular, but you can find some real Insta-worthy spots in the Phi Phi islands- there is also great snorkelling.

You can find some great holiday packages that include boat and snorkelling tours so you can visit those hard-to-reach spots.

Reason #3: Thailand has Amazing Nightlife

If you are looking for a more party-filled vacation, then Thailand is for you! Known for its world-class nightlife, Thailand will give you memories you will never forget. Try plan your trip around a full moon so that you can experience the famous (or infamous) Full Moon Party- we are talking glow sticks, body paint and bucket drinks! Make friends with the hundreds of other party-goers from all over the world and have a night you will never forget!

Whilst it is fun to lose yourself in the moment, it is so important to keep your wits about you and avoid drug use and excessive drinking for your own safety.

Reason #4: Thailand’s Street Food is Incomparable

If you are a Foodie, you will LOVE Thailand. The streets are swamped with vendors selling all kinds of weird and wonderful local cuisine that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. From snakes to snails, to delicious variations of noodles, trying the street food in Thailand is a MUST.

Of course, it is necessary to be cautious when eating street food to avoid getting sick; make sure that the food you will be eating is cooked while you wait if it is made up of ingredients that are known to go off, such as meat. Also, observe where the locals are eating and ensure that the ingredients being used look fresh.

Reason #5: Thailand Travel is Competitively-Priced

Being a South African means that, more often than not, the rand is not in our favour. However, in Thailand, everything is extremely cost-effective as the exchange is 1 Rand to 2.08 Thai Baht. Upgrade from your usual accommodation, splurge on purchases and expand your horizons by signing up for some amazing experiences by joining a few amazing tours.

You are also able to travel for much longer and on a budget. The street food is amazingly cheap, as well as basic accommodation and you can even try your hand at haggling at the markets.

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If you are planning on embarking on an exciting adventure soon, make sure that it is Thailand. Our team at Harvey Travel are so passionate about travelling that we want to plan your trip for you! Leave the hard work to us and just enjoy the experience- you will remember it for the rest of your life. Call us today to begin the planning process.

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