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If you haven’t been on a cruise before, it’s normal to be a little overwhelmed with everything surrounding a holiday at sea. As well as trying to figure out what type of ship is right for you, you also have to consider the duration of the cruise itself and the most important factor – where in the world you wish to cruise to.

At Harvey World Travel Highway, we understand that going on a cruise is a fantastic holiday experience, which differs from most other types of holidays and breaks you’ll have experienced. They give you the chance to live a luxurious lifestyle, explore many different countries in one trip, and enjoy various different cuisines, entertainment, and activities on one large ship. 

Why You Should Go On That Cruise – Sooner than Later!

Whether you’re after a bucket list trip or a week being waited on hand and foot, there are many benefits of going on a cruise. To help make your decision around cruising a little easier, we’ve rounded up six key reasons why you should book a cruise today.

1. Cruises are Great Value for Money

When you weigh up what the cost would be for flights, transport, accommodation, food, and entertainment to visiting several countries or cities, you’ll be surprised just how high it can be. If you compare this to the prices of a week-long cruise which takes you to multiple hotspots, it’s understandable why people say cruises are cost effective. Booking a cruise holiday is very much like booking a premium all-inclusive experience. All your travel, accommodation, food, activities, and entertainment are all included in the price. Depending on which cruise you opt for, you’ll find extras thrown in too. These can include drinks packages and room upgrades, giving you even better value for money.

a cruise ship top deck

2. You Can Visit Multiple Destinations

When you put into perspective that you can be relaxing on a secluded beach one day, and exploring a pretty city the next, it’s easy to see why cruising is a traveller’s dream. You can simply be enjoying a cocktail at sea during the evening, ready to wake up in a new country by morning. One of the best reasons to book a cruise holiday is that there is no hassle involved when it comes to accommodation – you remain on the ship for all your sleeping arrangements while you have the freedom to explore new destinations through the cruise trip.

3. You Can Experience the Best Tourist Locations

The beauty of cruising is that most cruise itineraries will take you to the top destination spots. So as soon as you hop off the ship, you’re right in the heart of the tourist attractions and best things to see and do. This saves you time trying to get yourself to the best attractions that cities or towns have to offer. You’ll find that the port is always close to recommended eateries and places to discover, so you can really make the most of your time there.

4. Your Travel Time is Holiday Time

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as spending time on the sunbeds, soaking up the sun on deck while your cruise ship is making its way to its next destination. Each cruise ship and travel itinerary is different; however, in most cases if you cruise for one week, you tend to visit around four destinations during that period of time. As most of the travelling is done through the night, you will wake up in a new destination in the morning.

portside view of a cruise ship

This means that while you’re enjoying your evening meal and cruise ship entertainment, you’re making your way to the next stop off. The days where you aren’t visiting another country or city, you’re back on the luxury cruise ship, enjoying time in the sun, having a swim, or taking part in the array of activities.

5. You Will Be Waited on Hand & Foot

Going on a cruise is a real opportunity to experience being looked after from start to finish. You completely free yourself from any responsibilities. The only main thing to remember is the times you are due back on the ship, which you must follow to avoid the ship setting sail without you! The rest of the time, you have access to restaurants and bars all day, with excellent waiter service. Even while you relax by the pool, you’ll find waiters walking around the deck areas offering drinks and food orders. When you return to your cabin, you’ll find a neatly made up and tidy room, too.

cruise deck railings in view of land

6. Cruising is Suitable for Everyone

No matter if you’re travelling as a couple, a family or even on your own, there is a perfect cruise out there for you. Many lone travellers choose the cruising life because of how safe and friendly they are, with a bustling atmosphere and many people to talk to. Most cruise lines specialise and cater to certain travellers. You’ll find some are more family orientated and work towards entertaining children and parents. Others can lean towards a younger crowd and offer more of a party vibe. Then you have the cruise ships which cater more for the elderly and older travellers.

Book Your Cruise with Harvey Now!

Above all, cruising is a great experience for many. If you enjoy copious amounts of food and drink, the chance to explore new places and a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere, there is no reason why you should hold off from booking a cruise today! Harvey can hook you up with a cruise holiday that you’ll never forget – check out our current cruise deals or get in touch today to find out more! Keep an eye on our travel blog for more incredible deals and destinations.