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Ariel Tours offer a unique way to explore Israel. Led by experienced and high quality guide Neil Freidmond. Our tours vary from the must-see sights such as Jerusalem, Masada, and the Dead Sea, to the more adventurous tours which give an in-depth insight into culture.

By Neil Freidmond


Sacred sites, city streets, and sunny stretches of sand and sea. Immerse yourself in Israel on an award-winning tour.Millions of Christians have traveled to the land of the Bible and had their faith and biblical knowledge enhanced in transformative ways. There are so many different reasons why Christians are blessed and inspired by travel to Israel that it is an absolute must for anyone with the time and means to go there.


36 years experience

by Neil Freimond


from happy customers


both spiritually & mentally


10 - 19 October 2022

Contact Neil on 084 707 0527 or e-mail: neil@toti.co.za

Or Karen Foley on 083 232 3084 (office hours) or e-mail: karenf@hwthighway.co.za

26 June – 7 July 2023

Contact Neil on 084 707 0527 or e-mail: neil@toti.co.za

Or Karen Foley on 083 232 3084 (office hours) or e-mail: karenf@hwthighway.co.za

After co-leading a tour to Israel in 1983 Neil came back with a very clear leading that he needed to continue doing tours to Israel

“After several other confirmations this Ministry, began in earnest. My mandate has been to give pilgrims the best possible experience in Israel , by showing them the Biblical sites with Scriptures in hand. Our objective has always been to bring people back home – Blessed, and with a greater understanding and appreciation for the land of Israel and the Scriptures, as well as a deeper love for, and commitment to, Yeshua our King and Redeemer.”

Neil FreimondOwner & Coordinator

Brigitte Turner is the owner and strategic manager of Harvey World Travel Highway. She has a passion for Israel, having travelled there herself a number of times, and has organised numerous tours to the Holy Land for various church groups. Brigitte has been a member of the Westville Baptist church for several years and was previously a member of the Westville Catholic church. She is actively involved in a number of outreach ministries which fulfil her passion in life. Harvey World Travel Highway provides the full range of travel services including corporate travel, guided Holy Land tours, Cultural school tours and group incentive packages.”

Brigitte TurnerManager of Harvey World Travel Highway

Customer Reviews

  • Israel was amazing, magnificent and I have learned so much, had many questions answered and made many new friends. Thank you so much for imparting knowledge and for organising the tour so very well. It was wonderful and I would recommend it to anybody to do.

    Thank you again

    Solo Traveller
  • Dear Brigitte, Karen, Neil, and everybody else that was involved in the planning of the tour as well as everyone that attended it.
    Thank you so much for making The tour to Israel such an unforgettable experience for both my children.
    Dylan and Nicole came home new, and enriched young people. I praise God for everyone of you that made them feel so “at home” and loved. They can’t stop talking about it, and they both plan to go back as soon as they get the opportunity!!!

    May God bless you all richly with blessings of His choice!
    Greetings in Jesus

    Gretchen Fourie
    Family Traveller
  • Wanted to thank you, Brigitte and Glen from the bottom of my heart, for all the planning and input into making the most amazing trip to Israel, which for me, has just been the most incredible experience. It was far beyond anything I expected and never dreamed we would have covered seeing as much as we did.

    As each day finished, in the morning I just thought, ‘well, today can’t beat yesterday’ and yet every day did exactly that!

    There are so many absolutely wonderful moments, Shiloh, ground level with Nir Lavi and his lunch for us all and beautiful wine from his vineyards, the Golan Heights, The Sea of Galilee and surrounds, Masada, The Dead Sea float, Jerusalem/ Western Wall, everything was so special but particularly for myself was walking through the history of Hezekiahs Tunnel. I’d been so aware of all the rock everywhere and remembering scripture in relation to God/Rock and the crucial link with Water/Life, for me it was touching that rock and saying ‘Lord, restore to me the JOY of my salvation!’ It was almost a supernatural experience in a seemingly supernatural land. I definitely felt that I had not quite been on planet earth. So looking forward to my next visit to Israel. Please keep me posted about tours you have in the pipeline.

    Again, many thanks.

    Margaret Denman
    Solo Traveller
  • Dear Neil,

    I don’t know where to start with saying such a big thank you to you for the most awe-inspiring tour and for giving us all the time of our lives. Really, it was absolutely fantastic and in spite of missing Clive and the children, which was one of those things, I really enjoyed every moment of it. The Lord really uses you in such a mighty way as you help to bring the scriptures alive and the way you present the whole of Israel to us as you do. I am just longing to go again, and cannot stop thinking about the whole 2 weeks. We really were blessed with such a super crowd of people, and I have been missing everyone so much, as many special friendships were formed. How I wish I could be part of the family at COGS, as everyone is so special. However that is not to be, but really it was a very blessed time for me and I have such special and meaningful memories of the whole trip.

    With Love

    Ann Adlam
    Solo Traveller