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Stunning picture of a blue lake surrounded by mountains in The Azores taken from above.

If you are looking for glorious beaches, snowy mountains, enriching history and culture, Europe should be top of your Travel Bucket List. This diverse continent is worth visiting all-year round; from sweltering summers to snowy winters, Europe is bound to leave you with memories of a holiday of a lifetime. However, due to its year-round popularity, we have combed the continent for the most unique European travel destinations that are significantly more authentic, private and uniquely European.

Top 5 Secret European Destinations We Love

Get inspired for your next overseas trip by finding a destination that is unique and unspoilt.

1. Pag Island, Croatia

This stunning island is a perfect summer getaway. With moon-like landscapes, the barren, dry landscape houses no more than twelve small villages. However, it is the pebbled beaches that wrap around the whole island that draw the tourists. Popular for wine and cheese-making, the island hosts some of Croatia’s best culinary exports. Don’t let the smallness of the island scare you off; If you are looking for some nightlife, there are a few towns on the island that bag world-class nightlife.

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2. Salzkammergut region, Austria

If mountains are more your style, look no further! Lake Hallstatt is an alpine lake nestled beneath the mountains in the Salzkammergut region. With the quaintest little houses scattered along the water’s edge, this getaway is a nature-lover’s playground in the summer and winter. From watersports to hikes, to winter sports and cozy fires, this destination is a must!

3. The Azores, Portugal

This stunning location has been called ‘Europe’s Hawaii’. Situated 800 miles off the coast of Portugal, this archipelago contains nine volcanic islands. If you are looking to explore somewhere new, this place is for you. From breath-taking waterfalls to small fishing villages, rolling green fields to stunning beaches, the Azores offer a diverse, adventurous getaway where there is something for everyone.

4. Volos & Pelion region, Greece

If you have always wanted to visit Greece but are put off by the popularity of the destination- look no further! The Volos and Pelion region is well-worth a visit. With scenes resembling the popular film, Mamma Mia, the unspoilt beaches, exciting nightlife, array of restaurants and historic architecture, you can explore Greece the right way and not worry about fighting through crowds all day.

5. Perast, Montenegro

If you are traveling on a tighter budget, Perast is for you! This stunning destination is a quaint beach town nestled beneath the mountains- it isn’t uncommon to find accommodation cheaper than what you paid for dinner. This stunning secret spot allows you to spoil yourself on your holiday, with prices so low, how can you not?

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