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The Top 5 Holiday Destinations to Visit Post-Lockdown

Lockdown has us all dreaming of distant lands and new faces. Our wanderlust has been getting the best of us over the last few weeks and we are itching to get back into the office to help you plan the next holiday of your dreams.

5 Must-Visit Vacation Spots to Visit After Lockdown

With all this spare time, we have been inspired to share some of our favourite holiday destinations that you can visit after lockdown. Here are just a few amazing places that you can start planning and visit after lockdown. Having something to look forward to will make the time fly by.

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destination #1: Mauritius

Cocktails on the beach are always a good idea. Mauritius is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand and luxury resorts; everything you need to relax and recharge. Learn to scuba dive, enjoy the watersports and soak up the sun’s rays in this fabulous destination where holiday packages eliminate the pesky task of daily planning and the only thing that you need to decide on is whether you’ll be having a margarita or pina colada for sundowners.

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Post-Lockdown Holiday Destination #1: 2. Go Skiing

If you are in the mood to learn a new sport or a whole new kind of adrenaline rush, you need to book a skiing holiday. Stay close and enjoy a quick trip to the slopes in Lesotho or venture further afield to the rocky Colorado mountains or beautiful Switzerland. Enjoy fun days on the slopes and cosy, hot chocolate-filled nights by the fire as you watch the snow come down. Whether you are an avid and able skier or a complete newbie, the experience will thrill you and ensure you return again, and again…and again.

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destination #2: Vietnam

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly international holiday destination, then Vietnam is your place. This picturesque country is not only overflowing with culture, it’s known for its delicious food and plentiful opportunities for adventure. Spend your day canyoning, hiking up to ancient temples, eating your body weight in drool-worthy street food or simply relaxing on a boat in Halong Bay- regardless of your preferences, it will be the experience of a lifetime.

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destination #4: Cruise to the Greek Islands

Fancy a 7-day cruise around the Mediterranean? Cruise vacations are the best kind of vacations; you are not limited to one destination, there are incredible buffets, live entertainment and themed parties! Departing from Athens for a one-week cruise around the islands will have you sun-kissed and relaxed in no time.

Post-Lockdown Holiday Destination #5: Explore South Africa

Covid-19 has proved to be a challenging and trying time for many businesses, including the tourism industry. What better way to put money back into your country’s economy than to go on holiday? South Africans are fortunate enough to live in one of the most breath-taking, diverse country in the world- everything you could possibly want is on your doorstep. Spend a weekend relaxing on a bush safari or take a sight-seeing packed trip to Cape Town for wine tasting and crisp white-sand beaches. Help the industry recover from this unforeseen obstacle and make precious memories while you do.

Start Planning Your Holiday with Harvey World Travel Today

If any of these holidays caught your attention, feel free to reach out to one of our qualified travel agents to find out more. Whilst we have no clear indication on when this uncertain time will end, we are confident that life will return to normal soon. In the meantime, contact us with any questions or queries you have regarding your destinations of interest and we can help tailor a holiday perfect for you.

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